4th ENriCH event: Saint-Omer –Thérouanne, France – Preserving Built Cultural Heritage


Saint-Omer and its neighbourhood is rich in history and historical buildings, therefore working on the preservation of built properties, such as sensitization of the new generation with built heritage is an everyday topic for the project partner AUD. That is the reason why the event hosted in Saint-Omer got the special focus of built heritage.

The participants took part in a speed dating workshop on heritage assets and spoke about the differences and similarities of the customs and cultural aspects of the partner countries. The second part of the workshop was devoted to guided tours of monuments recently renovated and reopened to the public, in order to realize how these transformation and renovation projects contribute to making the city more beautiful and dynamic. This workshop served as an ideal platform to tackle the issues of challenges of the renovation and improvement of built heritage.

Online issue of the opening of the Thérauanne Archaeological Centre can be downloaded in French from here 

For more information about the events and other outputs of the project, please download the final study from here.