5th ENriCH event: Tartu, Estonia – Economic Impact of Culture


Up until this point, several types of cultural heritage were already discussed during ENriCH events, but overviewing it from the aspect of its economic impact was a quite new perspective. However, Tartu, as the European Capital of Culture for 2024 and the city hosting the Hanseatic Days every year in July was a perfect place to discuss the topic.

In the company of Tartu cultural experts, a "world café" type of discussion addressed the following questions:
1) European Capital of Culture: What is its concept and its impact on people?
2) Importance of historical sights for youth: Do youngsters care about those at all?
3) Smart City: Do you know how smart your city actually is?
4) Cultural events: Do youngsters care only about parties?

The host group also organized a city tour – including a VR (virtual reality) tour (!) – for the group. It was exactly what a smart concept/idea means, providing the possibility to see how the parts of the city looked like in earlier centuries. It was quite a weird experience but this is the future.

For more information about the events and other outputs of the project, please download the final study from here.