7th ENriCH Event: Passau, Germany – Importance and problems of the future utilisation of cultural heritage buildings


Although Passau did not participate in the entire project, as the twin city of Veszprém, with the involvement of the students of the local Giselle Gymnasium, it provided the venue for the next meeting. Enthusiastic students led the participants through the old town as true tour guides. The team members learned about the historical sights of the city at the junction of the three rivers on a short boat trip. An impromptu flashmob near the rivers, singing the EU national anthem, the Ode to Joy, drew the attention of locals to the project. At the workshops, city experts discussed the Danube Strategy and the challenges to the city's built heritage, as well as collages and presentations on the possibilities for the exploitation of buildings that are part of the cultural heritage.

For more information about the events and other outputs of the project, please download the final study from here.