Final Event: Veszprém, Hungary – Results, recommendations and city exploration game


The closing conference provided a great opportunity for the teams to present the results of the meeting(s) organised in their home town, to introduce the maps they have created and to share their experiences regarding the project implementation and common work. The guests of the closing conference also learned about the content of the closing publication (final study) and the policy recommendations outlined in it in connection with cultural heritage.

The following recommendations for policy-makers and stakeholders turned out during the implementation of ENriCH:

1) It is important to increase the opportunity of learning more about the EU in high-schools
• by providing real life examples: possibilities to meet people working on stage at an EU institution, or alumni who participated in Erasmus+ or another type of voluntary or educational scholarship, even on school or city level.

2) It is important to involve youth in the processes that influence the future of the city
• by providing opportunities to be involved in local policy making - an actively working, well prepared Youth Council that regularly joins municipal assemblies/meetings is a great option.

3) It is possible and beneficial to involve local youth into cultural heritage preservation more actively
• by inviting them to co-create during open brainstorming sessions and discussions, since they have a rather different perspective of their hometown;
• by facilitating the implementation of their ideas;
• by involving them into real processes, e.g. letting them to be tour guides, etc.;
• by providing local and international volunteering possibilities for the youth in the field of cultural heritage preservation.

During the interactive workshops experts and participants discussed possibilities for volunteering, the Volunteering Strategy of Veszprém-Balaton European Capital of Culture 2023, and the role of youth self-governments. Participants also discussed possible future project ideas.

Indoor programmes were followed by a city exploration game next day: 5 mixed groups of locals and members of the international teams answered questions by walking along altogether five itineraries in Veszprém downtown, with the help of the Veszprém "Act like a Veszprémer" free map.

For more information about the events and other outputs of the project, please download the final study from here.


Gallery photos by: Attila Domján