1st ENriCH event: Lendava, Slovenia – Multicultural Richness of Europe


Lendava was the first city where the ENriCH (Reveal YouropEaN Cultural Heritage) events started. The aim of the events was to examine and discuss a subtopic of cultural heritage and to involve participants and a larger audience as well. Each and every event’s main goal was to get a better understanding of the host city and its culture, while trying to find the common European elements in its cultural heritage.

In Lendava the central topic within cultural heritage was multiculturalism. Although Lendava is small, it is considered to be multicultural as three nationalities live in the town: Slovenian, Hungarian and Roma. Additionally, the Jewish heritage is preserved in Lendava, even if sadly the Jewish minority is not present here anymore. During the event, the participants learned about multiculturalism in Lendava from several aspects and it was highlighted why multiculturalism is considered as an added value according to the inhabitants.

For more information about the events and other outputs of the project, please download the final study from here.